Driving Lessons Chatham | Learn the skills to Pass 1st Time

Driving Lessons Chatham

Want to be like Abiola and Pass 1st Time ?

Sunday Abiola Adenmosun From Chatham – Driving Lessons Chatham

Driving Lessons Chatham

Driving Lessons Chatham

Congratulations to Abiola for passing his Practical Driving Test FIRST TIME at Gillingham Test Centre with his Driving Instructor Gary Smith From City Way School of Motoring.

We assessed Abiola’s current driving standard, against what is required to pass your Practical Driving Test, and we agreed, that a 20 Hour Mini Intensive course, would be the best option for him.

This would allow regular driving Lessons to take place, therefore reducing the chances of forgetting what to do.

The result was, within 4 weeks of meeting Abiola, he passed his driving test FIRST TIME.

Well done Abiola, you deserve this result, It just goes to show, everything is possible.

Gary Smith – Driving Instructor for City Way School of Motoring

Driving Lessons Chatham

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Driving Lessons Chatham

Driving Lessons Chatham

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