Driving Lessons Gillingham | 10 Hours Tuition ONLY £183.00

Driving Lessons Gillingham | 10 Hours Tuition ONLY £183.00

Driving Lessons Gillingham

Kieron Bentley from Gillingham, Kent

Congratulations to Kieron Bentley from Gillingham, Kent. Who passed his driving test on Wednesday 12th February 2014, 1st Time at Gillingham Test Centre with a very impressive 2 minor faults, with his driving instructor Gary Smith from City Way School of Motoring.

Kieron initially found the transition from riding a motorbike to driving a car very strange, especially the road positioning. Kieron soon settled down and worked hard, taking onboard, all the skills required to pass his car driving test.

Kieron already has his car sorted and now his independence can really start. No more cold wet mornings riding his bike to work, can get in his warm car.

Well done Kieron, you totally deserve the result you achieved today. a 1st time pass with only 2 minor faults is a fantastic achievement. Well done.

Gary Smith, Driving Instructor for City Way School of Motoring.

Driving Lessons Gillingham

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