Driving Lessons Maidstone | 10 Hours Tuition for ONLY £183.00

Driving Lessons Maidstone | 10 Hours Tuition for ONLY £183.00

Driving Lessons Maidstone 

Lucy White From Maidstone – Driving lessons Maidstone.

Congratulations to Lucy White From Maidstone, who passed her Practical Driving Test in Maidstone Today, with ONLY 1 Minor Fault.

Lucy Started with City Way School of Motoring, with No experience at all, she soon, built up her confidence, by trying different things to see what worked, and learnt from her errors.

This meant, she soon, understood, how to deal, with many tricky situations, by evaluating the danger, by reading the road ahead further.

Lucy soon started private lessons, to gain further experience in-between her driving lessons.

The result of all this hard work, was to be rewarded, with a Test Pass, with ONLY 1 Minor Fault.

Well done lucy, we knew you could do it !

Gary Smith – Driving Instructor For City Way School of Motoring.

Driving Lessons Maidstone

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Driving Lessons Maidstone

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