Driving Lessons Rochester | 10 hrs ONLY £183.00

Driving Lessons Rochester | 10 hrs ONLY £183.00

Driving Lessons Rochester.

Hayley McCartney – Rochester

Congratulations to Hayley McCartney, from Rochester, who passed her Practical Driving Test today, First Time, with her Driving Instructor Gary Smith from City Way School of Motoring.

Hayley, came to me after having lessons with local driving instructors, and felt she was not progressing very well. Hayley wanted to pass her driving test as soon as possible, so we opted for an mini intensive driving course.

Hayley, went onto adapt her driving, worked hard, so that she was thinking ahead more, with this revised focused approach, Hayley, went on to pass her driving test first time, within 13 days.

It Just goes to show, what can be achieved.

Well done Hayley, a first class performance.

Gary Smith – Driving Instructor for City Way School of Motoring

Driving lessons Rochester

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