Driving Lessons Rochester | Your route to a 1st time PASS

Driving Lessons Rochester | Your route to a 1st time PASS

Driving Lessons Rochester

Congratulations to Daniel Painter, who passed his Practical Driving Test on Wednesday 18th May 2016  at the Gillingham Test Centre with his Driving Instructor Gary Smith from City Way School of Motoring.

Daniel, started his driving lessons with me with some driving experience, although he found the other driving school was unreliable, often cancelling driving lessons and not being able to book regular driving lessons in advance.

Daniel was always very keen to learn, the main issue holding Daniel back was his confidence. Daniel was always reliable and the key to his improvements was regular driving lessons.

Test Day came along and Daniel went to the Driving Test centre with a determined approach. He was fully aware of why he hadn’t been successful and was determined not to make the same errors. Daniel produced one of his best drives and came away with the result he totally deserved ‘ Pass with ONLY 3 minor errors ‘. Well done !

It was great to watch Daniel to grow into a confidence, and I’m proud of his achievements

Daniel already has his 1st car sorted. There will be no stopping him now, many road trips to Whitstable to see his girlfriend.

Congratulations Daniel a truly well deserved result. Well done !

Gary Smith | Driving Instructor | City Way School of Motoring

Driving Lessons Rochester

Daniel Wrote in and Said –

” I Chose City Way School of Motoring because after looking at their website and seeing that they give numerical feedback on all aspects of your driving after each lesson. It was important to me to be able to see the progress I was making and having a record of where my strengths and weaknesses were.

I have had two different driving instructors in the past, the first was many years ago and never seemed interested in actually getting me to a driving test. The second more recent instructor was from a large multi car driving school within the medway Towns area, he would often be late, he would take phone calls during my driving lessons and often turned up in different cars, due to his poor organisation. Ultimately I had to abandon him and went to City Way School of Motoring which proved to be more reliable and better structured than my previous driving instructors.

Having had a lot of lessons previously I was expecting to not need much instruction. However Gary showed me the errors in my driving and held me to a higher standard than my previous driving instructors and I found there was more to learn and now I am a much more skilled driver than I would have expected to be.

I found there was a smooth and natural progression of challenge and expectation. As I improved I advanced onto busier roads and more challenging situations. My feedback was important and we would focus on areas that I felt I was struggling with. Gary was always patient and gave excellent instruction and advise.

The Video footage recorded during our driving lessons was useful. It helped me clarify events in my memory about how an incident played out and what I could and should have done differently.

I would recommend Gary and City Way school of Motoring, everything was simple and straightforward. I was never in doubt about when my driving lessons were and planning them around my work schedule wasn’t a problem. The teaching quality was excellent and I now feel a very safe and confident driver.

After struggling with previous driving instructors and my own doubts about my driving I’d just like to say Thank You for teaching me to be a good driver. Giving me lots of feedback and encouragement and for being patient whilst I learnt.

I have been out on my own since passing my driving test. It felt strange to be alone in the car, no-one there to watch everything i’m doing. Being able to drive means I’m no longer dependent on when other people are available and willing to take me places. One of my first trips was simply to the supermarket in the middle of the night because I wanted something and realised i didn’t have to wait. Driving is going to give me so much freedom and help me move forward in so many areas of my life “


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