Q1. Do you have any tips for winter driving?

1. The legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm, however, in very wet weather this may not be sufficient to dispel the water efficiently and a tread depth of 3mm is advisable. Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure too!

2. Screen Wash – Use the real thing. Do not use washing-up liquid and water as it will freeze and be of little use.

3. Before setting out – If you are going on a long journey or your car is less reliable than you’d like it to be, a bar of chocolate and a flask of your favourite warm drink will be most welcome in the event of a breakdown.

4. Check and replace anti-freeze.

5. Clean your lights and check the bulbs.

6. Things to carry.

a) De-Icer
b) Torch
c) Jump Leads
d) Shovel
e) Warning Sign
f) Sunglasses

7. Check weather updates for your entire journey before you leave.

8. Clear snow from the roof of your car as this can slip down your windscreen and obscure your view and create a hazard for other road users.

9. If you have an older car and use something to insulate the engine, hang something from your steering wheel to remind you to remove it before you start the car, thus avoiding a call to the fire brigade.

10. Bodywork – Wash the car regularly to remove deposits of dirt and salt, remember that wet and damp weather is the ideal breeding grounds for rust.

Remember you can be fined up to £2500.00 and receive 3 penalty points if the police consider your car to be a danger to other road users.

Q2. How do I get my provisional driving licence?

You can apply for a provisional driving licence anytime from 15 years 9 months, however, it does not become valid until –

your 16 years old for a moped and 17 years old for a car. You can pick up an application form from your local post office or you can apply online.

Q3. What if I’m not 17 years old yet but want to drive?

There are several companies offering off-road driving lessons to individuals from 11 years.  A search on the internet may assist in finding a local company. 

Q4. How old do I need to be to drive on the road?

As a rule, you can ride a moped from 16, subject to you completing compulsory basic training (CBT) and hold a provisional licence. You can apply for a provisional licence up to 3 months before your 16th birthday. You can usually drive a car, from your 17th birthday, subject to having a provisional licence. The earliest that you can take your theory test is your 17th birthday. For further information about when you can drive.

Q5. How do I pay for my driving lessons?

By Bank Transfer  

Q6. Are the cars you use fitted with dual controls?

Yes. For your safety with have fitted our vehicle with dual controls so your instructor can always take control if needed.

Q7. Are there any discounts for block booking my driving lessons in advance?

Yes, there are various discounts for purchasing your driving lessons in advance. Please see our Lesson Prices Page and Gift Voucher Page for more information. 

Q8. Do you cover intensive driving courses?

Yes, please visit my Intensive Courses and Lesson Prices pages

Q9. Can you help me book my theory or practical test?

Who will be happy to assist, Remember this service is FREE, no additional admin fees will be taken from you. Or you can visit my Book Your Theory and Book Your Practical Driving Test and book via the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA). Please note that there are several internet websites offering to book your theory and practical test for you, and charging you a large additional fee for the privilege. Don’t get caught out !!

Q10. How long is the wait for a theory test?

This varies from area to area; typically it is between five and fifteen days. Please ask your driving instructor for details in your area.

Q11. How long is the wait for a practical test?

This varies from area to area; typically it is between 6 – 8 weeks. Please ask your driving instructor for details in your area.

Q12. How many lessons will it take to get me to test standard?

This is a hard question to answer as everyone learns at a different rate. The DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) state that the average person will require 40 hours of professional tuition, together with around 22 hours of private practice. However many pupils will not require this amount of tuition. The first step is to arrange an assessment driving lesson 2 Hours for the price of one. At the end of the assessment, I will be able to give you an honest indication of how many hours it will take to get you to test standard.

Q13. Do you conduct a practical mock test?

Yes, we can, Once you have reached a suitable standard of driving. Your driving instructor will conduct your Mock Driving Test in the same manner as your driving examiner would do. This will give you an honest indication of how you can perform with no assistance from your driving instructor. If you are learning through a different driving instructor, and want an honest opinion of your driving, or want us to do a mock driving test, that is fine. Please contact me on the telephone number above.

Q14. Have you got any practical test tips?

Yes, we do, Please visit my Practical Test Explained Page.

Q15. Can I still take driving lessons even though I have points on my provisional driving licence?

Yes you can, as long as your driving licence is still valid and that you do not have more than 12 penalty points on your licence

Q16. Will I lose my licence automatically when I pass my driving test with 6 or more points on my licence?

When you come to pass your driving test, you will come under the New Driver Act. If you build up 6 or more penalty points within the first 2 years of passing your driving test, you will lose your driving licence and would need to apply for a new provisional driving licence and resit both your theory and driving tests again. The points on your licence before passing your driving test, still count. Although if you have more than 6 but less than 12 penalty points, that’s ok. However, if you get any more penalty points that bring you to 6 or more penalty points then you would automatically lose your driving licence.

Q17. What happens when I get my driving licence back having been banned?

After your ban, you will need to re-apply for a provisional driving licence again and pass both the theory and practical driving test. Once you have passed your driving test, you WILL NOT be classified as being under the New Driver Act again. The penalty points you have on your licence expire at different dates, depending on what they were for. If your penalty points go to 12 or more, you will lose your licence again.

Q18. How can I check how much my driving lessons will be?

You will find this information either in our Prices Page, Gift Vouchers & Special Offers.

Q19. How long will my lessons be?

Lessons can be in any amount that you wish – 1 hr, 1.5 hr, 2 hr, or more. However, you will gain more out of your lessons, if you opt for the 1.5 hr or 2 hr lessons, especially in the early stages of driving.

Q 20. Do you do Pass Plus courses and if so, how much do they cost?

Yes, we do, please visit my Prices Page for costs and visit my Pass Plus page for more information on this driving course.


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