Driving Lessons Rochester | Stan Lidesy

Driving Lessons Rochester | Stan Lidesy

Driving Lessons Rochester

Driving Lessons Rochester.  Congratulations to Stan Lidsey, who passed his Practical Driving Test on Wednesday 16th November  at the Herne Bay Driving Test Centre with his Driving Instructor Gary Smith from City Way School of Motoring.

Stan, started his driving lessons with City Way School of Motoring, having had some driving experience with other local driving school on and off over a number of years and lost motivation, which is why he kept starting and stopping but decided to get on with his driving lessons again and was determined that this time he would follow through to the end.

One of the key components to a successful outcome is regular driving lessons. Stan was totally reliable with his driving lessons throughout his time with me. Stan’s main issue with his driving was his nerves sometimes got the better of him. He was always better than he thought he was and would often talk himself out of doing what he new he should do at any given situation.  Improvements followed towards his latest driving test.

There were times when Stan would have felt that he may not get there, but with a very determined approach, Stan slowly but sorely started to keep those dreaded nerves under control.

Test Day came along and Stan went to the Herne Bay Driving Test centre with a very focused approach, and achieved what I knew he could do Pass with ONLY 1 minor errors ‘. Well done Stan – Fantastic Result ! 

This just goes to show that everything is possible, with the right attitude and Stan got his reward with his Test Pass. His face was a picture, when the examiner told him he had passed 🙂

Stan, is now looking at getting his own car in the near future. 

Gary Smith | Driving Instructor | City Way School of Motoring

Driving Lessons Rochester

Stan Wrote in and Said –

”  I initially chose City Way School of Motoring from a referral from a friend of mine “

” I had taken driving lessons with other local driving schools and Gary Helped out by sticking around “

” I already knew the basics of driving and Gary’s teaching methods were good, I like the use of the video footage that is used to work on your weaknesses “

” I would recommend Gary and City Way School of Motoring as they are reliable to do regular driving lessons ” 

” Passing my driving test has now given me my Freedom “

” Asked if he would change anything with the service i offered, Stan said “Nothing” 

Stan Lidsey from Rochester

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