Driving Lessons Chatham | Your FREEDOM Starts Here

Driving Lessons Chatham | Your FREEDOM Starts Here

Driving Lessons Chatham

Driving Lessons Chatham. Congratulations to Daryl Scott from Chatham, who passed his  Practical Driving Test on Wednesday 17th August 2016 with his Driving Instructor Gary Smith from City Way School of Motoring at the Maidstone Test Centre with only 5 minor errors.

Daryl started his driving lessons having had some driving experience in the past, but just needed some guidance on the required changes with his driving to make him safe, but also allowing him to think for himself. Ultimately this would lead to a Driving Test Pass. The key to this was improving his forward planning skills.

Daryl’s motivation to drive was that he wanted to be able to drive to work and with an expected new arrival to his family, wanted to be able to drive where he wanted, when he wanted.

It just goes so show that if you adopt the forward planning skills required to be safe, and are able to make decisions for yourself in ever changing situations,  you too will be like Darryl and pass your Driving Test.

Well done Daryl, a great result.

Driving Lessons Gillingham

Gary Smith – Driving Instructor – City Way School of Motoring.

Daryl Said –

” I Initially chose Gary and City Way School of Motoring, through my Google search, good driving lesson prices and his good customer reviews. “

” I had some driving lessons over 10 years ago. I found Gary’s service reliable and the service was much better than my previous experience. “

” Gary had great teaching methods, although I was hoping to pick things up quicker “

” I found the video footage, was a great way to understand the errors being made and how to rectify them. “

” I will be recommending Gary and City way School of Motoring to others “

Daryl Scott from Chatham

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